Fuck I’m fucking dumb. So dumb so fucking dumb. Kill me. Please fucking kill me. Remove this dumb from the planet so no others are infected

What in the fuuuuuuuck complicated ass cut it out and just hop. Hop on it.

Give that. Lots. What is even

Wow. Just wow. Extraordinarily impressed with the way this is being dealt with. Maybe use your fucking words instead of this passive aggressive horse shit. Maybe act like a person. If I didn’t earn that much color me fucking vexed.

Yeah alright so I’m stupid. Shutup. A bear can’t get down without some motherfucker raining on his parade


Derpus Dermis

Alright already. You got me. I’m officially bothered. Now for real tell me you don’t want this

Always on thyme

Get it together. What’s so difficult? Pull your gigantic head out of your ridiculous ass just once, just one time and have a look around. Your forest is burning, Yogi. No pic-a-nics to be had. Here you are yet again sprawled on the cave bed covered in congealed chicken grease and gravy just sobbing your stupid eyes out. What a ridiculous mess you are. How can you even begin to hope that any of those lady bears would even consider a night back at the cave filled with anything more than fervent protests of ‘not on your life bugger.’ Doesn’t stop your trying though does it you gargantuan fool, you. If you could harness the power of your foolishness and convert it to an energy source you could provide the planet with energy until the heat death of the universe.

Ok so you’re super cute with your cute face and those pirate smiles. Big deal. What? You want me to smooch it? Gimmie a break here im just trying to dri—WELL OK

Bears brooding in bars birth behemoth mirth when approached cautiously, not carelessly. Cleverly coaxed from the comfort of the cave one might find themselves soliloqued softly at first but with mounting heat and passion. Before the snoring chores of this seasons hibernations begin anew. Heed dear traveler for if you’ve thrown your caution to the wind you’ll find the receiving end of a lashing that has no end! Until the snores begin again and this season’s met it’s end.